The Transparency Act

The Storting has adopted the new Transparency Act, which aims to promote companies’ respect for basic human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and services.

The act must ensure transparency about supply chains and requires businesses to carry out and report on due diligence assessments.

The general public is given access to information about how businesses handle negative consequences for basic human rights and decent working conditions.

Frogner House sells its goods through a purchasing partnership called NORES. This is a member-owned purchasing organization for hotels and restaurants in Norway and Sweden. We have chosen membership in NORES, among other things, because we consider them to be good and thorough in the work they do aimed at ensuring that all suppliers deliver in accordance with the legislation. Here we take care of and secure responsible business practices in the supply chain.

NORES is a member of FACTLINES. For more information see Nores | Social responsibility and confirmation of supply chain follow-up 2023 Factline’s confirmation – Nores SA 2023

In addition to this, the purchasing organization is a member of Skift’s green procurement, which has a positive impact on climate, environment and people, and creates green competitiveness.

Furthermore, Frogner House is environmentally certified by the Norwegian Lighthouse in 2023. See certificate here. Miljøfyrtårn is a national certification scheme aimed at the private and public sector, with particular emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises.