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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer laundry services?2022-01-13T16:09:37+01:00

There are laundry facilities at all our addresses, either in the apartment or in the common laundry room. Use of washing machines is free. Irons and ironing boards can be found in the apartment. You need to buy detergent yourself.

Do you offer parking facilities? Can I park my car in the vicinity of the apartment?2022-02-21T10:09:29+01:00


There is street parking in the areas around all our addresses. To avoid expensive parking fines, please be sure to check the street signs if parking is permitted and how long you can park.

There are also several parking garages in the areas of Solli, Vika and Bislett. The parking garages around the city are owned and operated by different companies, so please check their websites for more information (EuroparkOnePark and QPark).

It is also possible to book parking in the backyard of Underhaugsveien 15. For long-term parking at this location, please check availability and make your reservation on the website For short-term parking, download the “ParkID” app.

We have a few parking spaces that we rent out at Oscars gate 86 and Huitfeldtsgate 19 The parking fee is 400 NOK per day or 3 500 NOK per month. Parking spaces are subject to availability, so please contact us if you want to book.


Right beside our address Lagårdsveien 61, there is a parking house that has parking available for guests. OnePark is the company that operates the parking house. For reserving a space and payment, you can use the parking automate inside or download their app.

There is street parking in the city center. To avoid expensive parking fines, please check street signs to check if parking is permitted and how long you can park.

The closest parking house to Verksgata 12 and Nygata 24 is P-Jorneholmen. It is located by the end of Klubbgaten towards the sea. We also rent long-term parking for 3 months or longer in Verksgata 32 for 3500, – per month. Contact us if you want to book.

Do you offer transportation?2022-02-21T10:10:25+01:00

We are happy to assist with transportation via our partner Nordic Drive. Prices vary depending on the distance and the number of passengers. You can find more information about transport services on our website: Airport transfer.

Is it possible to order an extra bed / cot / children’s high chair?2022-02-18T08:42:52+01:00

The apartment is equipped with the same number of beds as confirmed in your reservation. We have an additional charge for an extra bed, baby cot or high chair.

Extra bed: 220 NOK per night

Baby cot: 220 NOK per night

Children’s high chair: 50 NOK per night

Please contact us prior to arrival so that we can ensure the availability of these items.

Do you offer breakfast? How do I order breakfast and how is it delivered?2022-09-20T14:38:50+02:00

Yes, we offer breakfast delivered to the door of all our apartments. Breakfast is provided by the Samson Bakery, one of Oslo’s oldest and most traditional bakeries.

In Stavanger breakfast is delivered by Sirkus Renaa for our guests in Lagårdsveien. We are working on a breakfast offer for our guest in other addresses in Stavanger.

To order breakfast please contact us

Order breakfast the day before until 15:00 for delivery to your door from 07.15 on weekdays and 09.00 on weekends. Unfortunately, breakfast cannot be ordered for delivery at a specific time.

We offer standard, vegetarian, gluten and lactose-free breakfast. Read more about additional services.

What additional services do you offer?2022-02-18T08:43:16+01:00

We have a wide range of additional services available to you during your stay.

Please read about our additional services.

Do you offer smoking rooms?2022-02-18T08:43:25+01:00

No, smoking is not permitted in any of our apartments. There is a NOK 5 000 fee for smoking in apartments or anywhere on the premises of Frogner House.

Are pets allowed?2022-09-23T10:44:00+02:00

We allow pets at most of our addresses. However no pets are allowed at Skovveien 8, Bygdøy allé 53, Huitfeldts gate 19 and Helgesens gate 1. No pets allowed in Verksgata 12 in Stavanger.

We charge an additional cleaning fee in order to maintain an allergy-friendly environment.

For stays under 14 days: 850 NOK (one-time payment)
For stays over 14 days: 3 500 NOK (one-time payment)

We require pre-approval if you wish to bring pets. Please contact us prior to arrival.

Do you have wheelchair accessible apartments?2022-02-18T08:44:22+01:00

Unfortunately, we do not have any apartments with wheelchair access.  Some apartments can, however, be suitable for certain individuals so please contact us so we can discuss possible solutions for your requirements.

Are there cooking facilities in the apartment?2022-02-18T08:44:30+01:00

All of our smaller studio apartments, with the exception of Nygata 24 have kitchenettes equipped with the basics. The larger apartments have a fully equipped kitchen so that you have the possibility to entertain. Regardless of apartment size, you will always have the essentials to make your own meal.

Nygata 24 does not have a kitchenette as of today and is rented out as a hotel room.

Do the apartment buildings have elevator access?2022-02-18T08:44:51+01:00

Several of our buildings have an elevator but some of them are small. Some locations also have a series of steps or uneven landings to get to the elevator.

In Oslo we have elevator on these locations:
– Skovveien 8,
– Odins gate 10,
– Underhaugsveien 15 (elevator directly from the entrance),
– Arbins gate 3 – Entrance B (not elevator in the A entrance),
– Huitfeldts gate 19,
– Oscars gate 86 (elevator directly from the entrance)
– Skovveien 15.

In Stavangeer we have elevator on these locations:
– Verksgata 12,
– Nygata 24
– Lagårdsveien 61.

Where are the apartments located?2022-02-18T08:45:14+01:00

Frogner House Apartments have 12 different locations in Oslo and Stavanger.

In Oslo, you will find our apartments in Frogner, Vika, Majorstuen and Grünerløkka. In Stavanger, all of our apartments are a short distance from the city centre. The apartments are located near public transportation and a short distance from all the city has to offer in the way of services and entertainment.

In Stavanger, we have a fantastic property in Verksgata 12. Many apartments at this address have a sea view and are located a short distance from the city centre. We have completely renovated the landmark KNA (Royal Norwegian Automobile club) hotel in Lagårdsveien with state-of-the-art modern apartments, a lounge area for entertaining and meeting facilities.

Please find more information about the wide range of Frogner House apartments to choose from. You can read more about apartment sizes here

I forgot something in the apartment!2022-02-18T08:45:26+01:00

Fill in the information on the contact us page. We will check for missing items and contact you as soon as possible regardless of whether or not your item is found. We can send your missing item for a fee or you can pick it up at the Skovveien 8(Oslo) and Lagårdsveien 61(Stavanger) service office.

We keep lost and found items for 3 months. Please note, we do not keep food and drinks because of hygiene. We also don’t keep soap/shampoo/conditioner.

Do I need to come to the service office to check-out?2022-02-18T08:45:37+01:00

When you check-out you do not need to come to the service office. You can leave your key card in the mailbox marked “Express check-out” found at the main entrance to your apartment building.

How do I extend my stay?2022-02-18T08:46:00+01:00

Please contact us if you would like to extend your stay. We are more than happy to accommodate. Please note that you will need to pick up new key cards at the service office at Skovveien 8 or Lagårdsveien 61 in Stavanger.

Do I clean the apartment before we check-out?2022-02-18T08:45:52+01:00

We will clean the apartment when you check-out. The only thing you need to do is ensure that you remove all of your personal belongings (clothes, food, toiletries etc.) and that you throw away all garbage. We kindly ask you to load and start the dishwasher before you leave the apartment.

For stays, over 30 days there will be a flat-rate fee charged and payable at check-in.

Do you have longer term storage facilities?2022-02-18T08:46:10+01:00

We have storage rooms that can be rented at both Underhaugsveien 15 and Huitfeldtsgate 19. The price is 700 NOK per month. Contact us for more information and to confirm availability.

Where can I exercise or go to a fitness gym?2022-02-18T08:46:21+01:00

In Oslo, we sell discounted drop-in vouchers to SATS, which has a gym near all our addresses. Read more about this under Additional Services.

You can also read more about SATS and find the nearest studio on their own website

When are quiet hours?2022-02-18T08:47:11+01:00

Quiet hours are between 23.00-07.00. Noise, loud music and parties are not allowed in our apartments. Violation of this rule can result in eviction and fines for disturbance of the peace.

Where do I report any maintenance related issues during my stay?2021-10-08T08:03:02+02:00

Should something be wrong in the apartment, and help is needed to correct it, please report it to us via our maintenance form.

What do I do if the fire alarm goes off?2021-06-01T16:07:32+02:00

As a Frogner House guest, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with our instructions in the case of a fire. The escape route overview can be found near your apartment door or the main entrance. If the fire alarm goes off, it is important that you leave the apartment and wait outside the building until one of our employees gives the signal that you can re-enter the building.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to turn off the alarm yourself or disconnect the smoke detector in your apartment. Any attempt to tamper with or disconnect the smoke detector in your apartment may lead to you being personally responsible for any damages or consequences in the case of a fire.

What is my mailing address?2021-06-02T15:14:47+02:00

Several of our properties have their own mailboxes including: Underhaugsveien 15, Gabels gate 3, Odins gate 10, Colbjørnsens gate 4, Huitfeldtsgate 19, Colbjørnsens gate 3, Skovveien 15 and Helgesens gate 1.

You can label your mailbox during your stay, please however remember to remove the label when you check-out. If you are expecting to receive deliveries that require a signature or that are valuable you can use the Skovveien 8, 0257 Oslo address. We will contact you when your delivery has arrived so that you can come and collect it.

Stavanger: Mail/post can be sent to Lagårdsveien 61, 4010 Stavanger. We will contact you when your delivery has arrived, so that you can come and collect it.

What if I lose my keys or get locked out of my apartment?2021-07-05T09:07:57+02:00

At Frogner House Apartments we use an electronic key card system. If your key card gets lost or if you get locked out of your apartment our service office at Skovveien 8(Oslo) or Lagårdsveien 61 (Stavanger) can help you. Please contact us.

If you require assistance from our night guard (between the hours of 22.00 and 08.00) a fee of 1000 NOK will be charged.

How do I connect to the WiFi?2021-06-02T15:19:09+02:00

You will find login information on the information sheet you received on the check-in machine and on the information sheet that hangs at the front door of your apartment.

Do you change sheets and towels during my stay?2021-07-05T09:08:28+02:00

This is not included. If you book cleaning sheets and towels will be changed at the same time as you have the service.

Click here to book cleaning.

Will amenities such as toilet paper and plastic trash bags be refilled during my stay?2021-07-05T09:08:47+02:00

Dersom du bestiller rengjøring av leiligheten fra våre tilleggstjenester, vil vi i tillegg til rengjøringen fylle på med; toalettpapir, søppelposer, svamp, klut og kjøkkenhåndkle.

Vi fyller ikke på forbruksvarer som såpe og vasketabletter. Mer informasjon om vårt rengjørings tilbud finner du her. For bestilling, vennligst kontakt oss.

Are cleaning services included during my stay?2022-02-21T10:10:51+01:00

You are responsible for cleaning the apartment during your stay if this has not been booked. We are happy to do it for you, you can read more about this and order under Additional Services.

Do you offer discounted rates for frequent travellers and businesses?2021-07-05T09:13:00+02:00

If you work for a company in need of accommodation in Oslo or Stavanger, we can offer contract prices. Contact us for a non-binding offer.

Do I need to pay a deposit?2021-07-05T09:09:49+02:00

We may require a deposit at check-in. The deposit will be refunded upon check-out. The deposit refund can take several business days depending on your bank. We only accept credit and debit cards, no cash deposits.

Bookings with a company guarantee do not require a deposit.

Is there a minimum age requirement?2021-06-02T15:24:27+02:00

The minimum age requirement for weekday rental and check-in is 18. The age limit for weekend/ holiday rental and check-in is 25. Accompanying guests under the age of 18 are permitted.

Frogner House reserves the right to deny access to certain individuals as stated in our general conditions and guidelines.

How do I pay for my stay?2021-07-05T09:09:55+02:00

Payment is required upon check-in. You can pay with a debit or credit card or by VIPPS (Norwegian Mobile pay) # 78077. If you pay with VIPPS please include your reservation number found on your Frogner House Apartments reservation confirmation (6 digits). We do not accept cash payment.

Please provide vouchers and gift coupons when you make your reservation. Remember to present your voucher or coupon to us so that we can assist your check-in.

We invoice only for businesses registered in Norway. Guests wishing to be invoiced for their stay must contact our billing department several days prior to arrival. There will also be a small invoice fee.

Please contact us if you would like to set up an invoicing agreement or corporate account with us.

Will you send me a confirmation of my booking?2021-07-05T09:09:59+02:00

Yes, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Please check your reservation carefully and contact us as soon as possible if there are any errors or if you have some changes. If you booked through a travel agency you will receive a confirmation directly from them.

How can I cancel or change my reservation?2021-07-05T09:10:04+02:00

If you have made your reservation via a third party agent you must cancel your booking through them.  If you have made a reservation via our website you can simply cancel it by logging into your profile on

If your booking is done directly with us, please contact us.

Refer to your booking confirmation for our policy on cancellation and reservation changes. All cancellations must be submitted in writing.

How do I extend my stay?2021-07-05T09:10:36+02:00

Please contact us if you would like to extend your stay. We are more than happy to accommodate. Please note that you will need to pick up new key cards at the service office at Skovveien 8 or Lagårdsveien 61 in Stavanger.

How do I make a reservation?2021-07-05T09:10:56+02:00

You can book your stay on our online booking or contact us by e-mail or phone. If you have a corporate rate or gift card please contact us directly.

All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

Do you offer luggage storage?2021-07-05T09:11:36+02:00

Oslo: You can store your luggage for a short period of time at Skovveien 8 and Bygdøy alle 53. You store luggage her at you own risk.

Stavanger: You can store your luggage for a short period of time at Lagårdsveien 61. You store luggage her at you own risk.

What is the easiest way to get to the addresses with check-in facilities?2021-07-05T09:11:57+02:00

If you arrive by car we recommend that you use Google Maps so that you can plot in your point of origin and destination.

For arrival with public transportation:

Skovveien 8
From the airport: If you are arriving with the Airport Express Train exit the train at the Nationaltheatret station and use the Parkveien exit. It takes approximately 10 minutes to walk to Skovveien 8. Please see the map and route to Skovveien.
From the city centre: Streetcar 12 or 13, or bus number 30 or 31. Get off at Solli plass and walk 5 minutes to the Skovveien 8 reception. See map.

Bygdøy allé 53
From the airport: If you are arriving with the Airport Express Train exit the train at the Nationaltheatret station and use the Parkveien exit. Walk 5 minutes to Solli plass where you can take the 30 or 31 bus to the stop: Frogner Kirke (Frogner Church). If you prefer to take a taxi from the Nationaltheatret station use the opposite exit when you get off the Airport Express Train.
From the city centre: Take Bus 30 or 31 to Frogner Kirke (Frogner Church) and from this stop, the reception is just a short walk.

Huitfeldtsgate 19
From the airport: If you arrive at Oslo with Flytoget, you go off at the Nationaltheatret station, choose exit to Vika Terrasse. From there it is five minutes to walk to the address.
From the centre: Tram no. 12 (Majorstuen) from Jernbanetorget to Ruseløkka. From there it is only a minute to go to the address.

Arbins gate 3
From the airport: If you arrive at Oslo with Flytoget, you go off at Nationaltheatret station, choose exit towards Parkveien. From there it is five minutes to walk to the address.
From the centre: Bus no. 31 (Snarøya) from Tollboden to the National Theater. From there, it is 5 minutes to walk to the address.

Helgesens gate 1
From the airport: If you arrive at Oslo with Flytoget, you go off at Oslo Central Station, choose the main exit towards Oslo S. From there take the tram no. 11 (Storo-Grefsen Station) from Jernbanetorget to Birkelunden. From there it is 7 minutes to walk to the address.
From the centre: Take tram no. 11 (Storo-Grefsen Station) from Jernbanetorget to Birkelunden. From there it is 7 minutes to walk to the address.

Huitfeldtsgate 19
If you arrive in Oslo by Flytoget, get off at Nationaltheatret station, choose exit towards Parkveien. From there it is five minutes to walk to the address.
From the centre: Tram no. 12 (Majorstuen) from Jernbanetorget to Ruseløkka. From there it is less than five minutes to walk to the address.

Lagårdsveien 61
From Sola airport: Take the airport bus to the stop «Statens Hus». For a better explanation and purchase of a ticket, visit
From the city center: You can take bus 2, 3 or 4 to the stop «Statens Hus». From this stop you will see our address.


We recommend that you use the travel planner on where you can also read more about public transportation in Oslo. You can also download the Entur app to help you plan your journey. Tickets can be purchased at Narvesen, 7/11 or Deli de Luca. There is an additional Ruter app for ticket purchases. Be sure to purchase a ticket before boarding public transportation there are frequent ticket controllers and the fine for no ticket is expensive.

Where and how do I check-in?2022-01-13T16:14:44+01:00

Your apartment will be ready for check-in from 15:00 on the day of arrival.

In Oslo you can check in at our check-in machines at Skovveien 8, Bygdøy allé 53, Helgesens gate 1, Arbins gate 3 or Huitfeldts gate 19. In Stavanger you can check in via check-in machines at Nygata 24 and Lagårdsveien 61.

Reservations in Verksgata 12 will receive a code sent by text on the day of arrival. The code gives you access to the building and your apartment.

When you arrive at the building, ring the door bell if the door is not open, and we will open for you. Inside you will find a check-in machine where you use your name or reference number to check in.

Please check that the country, e-mail address and telephone number are correct, before filling in your date of birth. If you have not paid for your booking in advance, you pay on the machine. We do not accept cash.

You will receive your key cards and information about your apartment, as well as other practical information such as our phone number, password to WiFi and more.

Here you can see the opening hours for our Service Office in Oslo and Stavanger.

What are your terms?2022-08-04T09:16:05+02:00

You can read our terms and conditions here: General Terms and Conditions

What are your terms?2022-08-04T09:12:42+02:00

You can read our terms and conditions here: General Terms and Conditions

Can I get an early check-in and / or late check-out?2021-07-05T09:13:49+02:00

Check-in is guaranteed from 15:00 and check out no later than 11:00. Early check-in and late check-out are subject to availability and must be arranged with the Service Office on the same day. Remember that in the event of an extension, you must visit the service office in Skovveien 8 / Lagårdsveien 61 to update your key.

What is included in the stay?2022-01-13T16:08:39+01:00

All our apartments have free Wi-Fi and cable TV. There are bed linen and towels in the apartment on arrival, as well as soap and shampoo. Cleaning of the apartment and new towels / linen during the stay are not included, but can be ordered as an extra service. Read more about our additional services.

You will also find a hairdryer, iron and ironing board in the apartment, and all our addresses have access to free use of a washing machine, either in the apartment or in common areas. You can cook in all the apartments. None of the apartments have a telephone.

Check-out cleaning is included as long as your stay is less than 30 nights.

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