Privacy statement

January 2024

Privacy policy for Frogner House

Your privacy is important to Frogner House. We are committed to protecting your personal data. All processing of personal data in Frogner House shall comply with the applicable laws for GDPR and the Personal Data Act.

This privacy policy provides detailed information about what and how the data is collected and what rights you have if personal data about you is registered with Frogner House.

We are the controller of the personal data processed in the sections mentioned in this policy.

Operation of hotels and aparthotels

In order to offer accommodation to our guests and to manage bookings, it is necessary for us and our partners to process, among other things, name, address, date of birth, date of arrival, number of nights, payment details, etc. For accommodation under company agreements, the employer will also be registered.

Company agreement/Hotel agreement

In order to enter into and practice a hotel agreement with the public and private sector, it is necessary to process personal data such as contact person, contact information, name of company/contracting party. In order for the agreement to work, we need to store personal data for the customer's contact persons for as long as we have an agreement, normally 1-6 years.

Frogner House-app for digital key and information

Frogner House has an app solution that you as a guest can use to simplify your stay. If you use this solution, information about your mobile device location will be registered. This only happens if you have accepted the sharing of location data in the mobile device's operating system and given your consent in the application that location can be registered even when the application is not running. If you consent to this, the app will be able to collect data about your device and internet connection, e.g. your operating system, device manufacturer and network ID.

In order to send you messages through the app, we also ask for your consent to access notifications/push functionality on your mobile device

Camera surveillance

For the safety of our guests, we have camera surveillance in the common areas of the various hotel properties. The purpose of the cameras is to prevent and detect crimes. Images and videos are stored for 7 days and then deleted. These images can be shared with the police if there is an offense or criminal case. The camera surveillance is marked on site.


Like most other businesses, we have a legitimate interest in marketing our products and services. If we have an existing customer or member relationship with you, we will send you relevant information related to our services.

If you wish to unsubscribe from newsletters, for example, you can unsubscribe at any time. 

In some cases, information is stored or forwarded to the relevant contact person. In these cases, information shall not be used for marketing purposes unless consent has been obtained.

Our websites use cookies in accordance with the rules in force at any given time. The information is used to see, for example, how many people visit the website and how long the visit lasts. The information is only used for internal statistics and to improve the user experience for our customers. The information cannot be traced back to the individual user. If you wish to disable the use of cookies, you can do this in your browser settings. We also store search terms used by users in CMS and Google Analytics in order to continuously improve the user experience. We do not store IP addresses or other information that can be traced back to the user.

Who gets access to your data

We will only use the information necessary for day-to-day operations and it will only be used internally.

Unpaid debts will be forwarded to debt collection companies. Furthermore, we will share your personal data with public authorities to the extent necessary to fulfill our legal obligations.

Beyond this, we will not share your personal data with other companies unless you consent to this.

Length of storage of your personal data

Your personal data will not be stored for longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing or our statutory obligations. For example, the Bookkeeping Act requires us to keep detailed purchase history for five years.

If you ask us to delete your personal data about you, we will do so, unless we have a legal obligation to retain the personal data further or a legal basis.

Use of data processors

Frogner House enters into a data processing agreement with all companies that process personal data on our behalf. It is not permitted to process your personal data in any other way than as described in this policy.