Car subscription

As a guest of Frogner House , imove offers you a great deal on a car subscription with no commitment period! The car subscription gives you the same freedom as owning a car, but full flexibility to cancel at any time. You choose the car that suits you best, have it delivered to your address and use it as your own.

Cancel whenever you want
Subscribing to a car gives you the same freedom as owning a car, but you have full flexibility to cancel at any time. And you don't have to worry about loss of value and surprise expenses.

imove is a subscription, not a lease. No deposit, no risk on return. And you can switch to another car at any time.

Everything included
Absolutely everything is included; warranty, service, tires, unlimited mileage, insurance and the opportunity to use a "cabin car" for 10 days each year. The only things you have to pay for yourself are electricity, parking and tolls.

A green alternative
imove is green and they help you to be even greener! All the cars are environmentally friendly and in the future they will give you easy access to other green means of transportation.



Get started quickly

1. Enter your postcode and see which imove cars are available.

2. Choose the car that suits you best and customize as you wish. Remember that you have 10 days of cabin car included.

3. Enter your discount code

4. After a short time, the electric car is delivered. You can change or cancel at any time.

Free delivery to your address + 500
kr av on the first month.