Car rental from Hertz

Hertz and Hertz Carpool give you access to a car - whenever you want. Environmentally friendly, clean and well-equipped cars, rarely more than a year and a half old.

Hertz car pool

Hertz BilPool currently has cars connected to Frogner House Apartments so that access to a car is easy. Hertz has cars located at Oscars gate 86 in Oslo.

As a guest at Frogner House you get kr 200,- discount on your first 5 trips. In addition, as a member you get access to all Hertz BilPool cars throughout Norway. There is no monthly fee for the "ONE" membership.

For more information on prices please visit

Get started

- Visit their website
- Click on Become a member
- Fill in all checkpoints and press continue
- Fill in company code: frognerhouse
- Use promo code: Frognerhouse promotion
- You will receive a smartcard that serves as a key to the cars. In addition, you can use the Hertz carpool mobile app as a key.

For more information on what carpool goes out.

Book an ordinary car rental at with code CDP 806401.