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Circus Renaa


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With perhaps Norway's best hotel restaurant Sirkus Renaa, the city's coolest event venue Manesjen and the hilarious Prisoners of the Fort, Frogner House - Sirkus Renaa is the city's best event hotel. 

The perfect course and conference package


Frogner House - Sirkus Renaa is a sophisticated course and conference hotel in the center of Stavanger. Contact us for customized conference packages tailored to your needs. 

The hotel that has everything!

Frogner House - Sirkus Renaa is a complete event hotel in central Stavanger. The hotel was completely renovated in 2023, and combines large and fine hotel rooms with perhaps Norway's best hotel restaurant - Sirkus Renaa - which serves genuine Italian pizza, delicious baked goods and good drinks.

On the top floor of the hotel you'll find Stavanger's coolest event venue, Manesjen. With its elegant circus theme, Manesjen offers something extra to the event, and food and drink served by Sirkus Renaa tops off the experience!

In the hotel's basement you'll find Prisoners of the Fort, which is the perfect activity for both families and companies for kick-offs and team building.

The hotel also has both an auditorium and several meeting rooms, and we offer conference packages tailored to your needs.

Our hotel rooms have a full kitchen, dining table, seating area with sofa and/or armchair, cable TV, Wi-Fi and a bathroom with shower. You have access to a washing machine and dryer on each floor.

You live in a central location with good communication options. A very good starting point for meetings and entertainment in Stavanger.

Check-in from 15:00 - Check out at 11:00 Check out at 11:00.



Stay in a cozy studio apartment with room for 1-4 people.


1 bedroom

Treat yourself to more space in an apartment with a separate bedroom. For 1-4 people.


2 bedroom

Stay spacious and comfortable in a 2-bedroom apartment. For 2-5 people.


3 bedroom

Live large and sociable in an apartment with 3-4 bedrooms. For 3-8 people.


Shared laundry room.


Free WiFi and cable TV.


Hair dryer.


Pets are allowed (fee).


Full kitchen.


Just outside the door.


Elevator in the building.


Private parking possible (fee)

Stay in a central location with easy access to charming streets and a wide range of shops.



Stavanger city center

Frogner House Apartments in Stavanger city center offer a full-fledged experience in itself. Despite the central location, you have everything you need at the hotel itself. Here you'll find perhaps Norway's best hotel restaurant - the renowned Sirkus Renaa - and the hilarious Fangene på Fortet. You'll also find Stavanger's coolest event venue, Manesjen. Enjoy a better dinner at Sirkus Renaa followed by an exciting competition at Fangene på Fortet.

Circus Renaa


Welcome to Sirkus Renaa - perhaps Norway's best hotel restaurant! On the hotel's ground floor, bread and delicious pastries of the highest quality are baked. We serve unique pizzas made with the best products, homemade chocolate and genuine Italian gelato. Here you can enjoy good food and drink!


At the top of the hotel is the event venue Manesjen. Manesjen is ideal for everything from conferences and business dinners to launch parties and Melodi Grand Prix parties! There is room for up to 140 people and a view of the entire city of Stavanger. In addition, Sirkus Renaa serves delicious food and drinks.

The prisoners at the fort

Perfect for families, friends and companies on team building and kick-off!

In the hotel's basement you will find Prisoners of the Fort. Prisoners at the Fort offers many different and challenging tasks. Ball skills, balance, calculation, memory, logic, strength, math skills, memory, acrobatics and much more!

All rooms require a team effort and your team is rewarded with points based on how quickly and correctly you solve the tasks the cell has to offer.


The hotel has both an auditorium and several meeting rooms!

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