Rental Car from Hertz Carpool

Hertz and Hertz Carpool gives you access to cars – whenever you want. Eco-friendly, modern, clean and well-equipped.

Hertz Carpool

Hertz Carpool has cars associated with Frogner House Apartments, located at Oscars gate 86 in Oslo.

As a guest at Frogner House, you get a discount of NOK 200 on your first 5 trips. In addition, as a Carpool-member you get access to all Hertz Carpool cars throughout Norway. There is no monthly membership fee with the membership called “ONE”.

For more information on prices please visit this link: (website in Norwegian)

To use this service, you can easily create a profile by following these steps:

Visit their website (website in Norwegian)
• Press “Join”
Fill in all control points and press continue
Fill in the company code: frognerhouse
Use the promotional code: Frognerhouse campaign
• You will receive a smart card that acts as the key to the cars. In addition, you can use the Hertz carpool mobile app as a key.

More information about what Hertz carpool is all about.

Book a car rental at with the code CDP 806401.